The Enchanted Lake

Enchanted Lake

The Enchanted Lake
Irish, Legends, Stories and Harp Music
Read by Mick Fitzgerald – Harp Music by Nadia Birkenstock
Based on a collection by T. Crofton Croker
Fairytales selected and edited by Gabriele Haefs
Hidden Tracks & Gabriele Haefs

Award of Merit from Global Music Awards 2011

1. A Trip to the Islands (harp music)
2. Fior Usga (fairytale & harp music)
3. Arran Boat Song (harp music)
4. The Lady of Gollerus (fairytale & harp music)
5. The Maid of Culmore (song)
6. The Legend of Loch Gur (fairytale & harp music)
7. Tir na nOg (irish song & harp music)
8. I live not where I love (song)
9. I wish I was in England (song)
10. The Enchanted Lake (fairytale & harp music)
11. Fanny Power / Hewlett (harp music)

Mick im Studio in München während der Aufnahme von Tir na nOg